MRI Testing and Repair

MRI Testing & Repairs

When an MRI shield recertification is required or compromise is suspected, a test can be scheduled. Testing services can be performed with the magnet at field and after normal business hours to avoid rescheduling.

Field technicians use state of the art equipment to quatify the shielding performance and to identify any weak areas. The results are available on the same day along with a written report and proposed solutions if failures are detected. 

Our technicians travel fully equipped to work on any MRI shield regardless of shielding materials or construction styles.  Large, small, old, new, and any style door, we have the experience and materials to make it work.

Features / Advantages

Testing services usually include door maintenance to eliminate any compromises in that area. A written report of the test results are provided along with a certificate of compliance (when applicable). All test technicians are highly experienced and well versed in the art and science of detecting and isolating RF shield compromises.

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