Quality Assurance and Maintence Upgrades

Maintenance & Upgrades

Quality Assurance (QA) and Planned Maintenance contracts offer increased confidence and assurance of artifact free MRI imaging. We offer customized plans including periodic site visits to service the door with RF Shield Recertification tests. A Certificate of Compliance is issued and displayed in the MRI suite area. Additionally, service engineers pursue imaging issues with the confidence that the RF shielding is performing to specification.

RF shield compromises can cause very subtle changes in image quality to obvious and gross image artifacts. White pixel or background noise may be elevated creating lower signal to noise images or coherent line artifacts can run through the images. Often times the artifacts are intermittent and dismissed as random glitches. A properly maintained MRI shielding system eliminates these artifacts insuring the highest quality image all the times.

Modification to the MRI shielding system is always required for an MRI replacement or upgrade project. The MRI shielding is tested as a baseline prior to modifications. This test is normally performed at the onset of the MRI replacement or upgrade project. When the MRI room fails to meet specifications, unplanned repairs are now required, as well as the modifications for the new equipment. Finding out that major repairs are required to the MRI shield at this time, results in schedule changes and additional time and money. An MRI shield QA program insures there will be no surprises. Our MRI Shield QA program identifies any compromises in the MRI room on a routine basis, without surprises. Repairs are scheduled and handled during our periodic visits throughout the year.

Features / Advantages

Our in-house specialists are well versed with all types of MRI shielding materials and constructions styles.  So regardless of the original manufacturer, we are equipped with parts and materials to remedy any compromises with the shielding system.   Regulatory mandates for MRI shielding compliance and yearly certification is coming. We are ahead of the curve and lead the industry in Quality Assurance programs for your MRI suite.

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