MRI Shielding

MRT Services

MRI systems require shielding to insure the highest quality artifact free images and to provide safety boundaries. Magnetic Resonance Technologies Inc. offers cost effective solutions to all MRI shielding needs.

MRI Service Provider for Major Hospitals

MRI Shielding

MRI Install

RF Shielding

With hundreds of RF Shielded Enclosures for MRI completed both domestically and internationally, we know RF room construction requirements inside and out. Continuous, soldered-seamed copper or modular panelized systems are offered to meet your equipment and budget requirements.

Galvinized steel shielding

Magnetic Shielding

MRI magnetic shielding can also be provided when fringe field containment is required. Designs are modeled by our PhD physicist utilizing M36 or 1006 annealed steel.

MRI Shim

Maintance And Upgrades

When replacing an existing MRI system, RF shield modifications are required for the new system. With extensive experience in construction and the knowledge of all of the specific MR magnetic shielding requirements, we offer MRI turnkey solutions for your project. We will manage the entire project or work with your contractor to get the construction requirements completed in the most efficient manner possible.

MRI Testing

Testing And Repairs

Every MRI project requires RF room performance testing. Our field technicians are highly-trained and use state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed to test RF rooms. We test using the procedure adapted from MIL STD 285. Full test results are provided upon completion.

MRI Equipment Services

Installations And Deinstallations

Our staff is routinely involved in MRI equipment moves, MRI upgrades, and MRI re-installations. We can manage all aspects of the move from rigging and transportation to coordination of the trades involved to complete system calibration.

On Demand MRI services

Services And Repairs

When you need MRI service and repair now, we are there. With a broad range of experience on MRI systems, magnets, and mobile trailers, our staff is available for on-demand service. We can provide cryogens and transfill services as well.

MRI contract servicing

We provide contract service for fixed MRI systems and mobile MRI systems. Our engineers can provide the service you need, when you need it, at a fair and reasonable contract rate. That allows our clients the peace of mind of knowing their investment will be well maintained and profitable for years to come.

MRI Storage Services

Equipment and MRI Storage

Equipment And MRI Storage

We offer environmentally-controlled, indoor storage for magnets and equipment. Magnets are monitored daily for helium consumption and proper cryogen refrigeration operation. We de-install systems around the country and ship systems back to our facility for safe storage until the equipment is re-installed or sold.

Mobile MRI Trailers Services

Mobile MRI Trialer Storage

Mobile MRI Trailers Storage

We have several individually metered, outdoor pads for mobile trailer storage. Each pad has a separate electrical meter so you are guaranteed accurate billing of electrical usage.

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